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Where Judas lost his boots

When a place is very distant we use to say in Brazil that it is located “where Judas lost his boots”. Judas is the one who betrayed Jesus and, feeling remorse, commited suicide by hanging himself on a tree. He was barefoot and his boots were never found. Because of that his boots are supposed to be in a very distant place and that’s how this saying was born.

Where Judas lost his boots: that’s the place where I am living now. The name is Carrick on Shannon, a small town in Ireland. I know that nowadays, because of all the transport options and communications, world is much smaller and it’s difficult to think in an unachievable place. But Ireland is an Island, what by itself isolates the country from all the rest of the world. Dublin is its biggest city, with only 1 million people. Carrick has about 3 thousands and is located three hours by bus from Dublin, to the west side. I am living in a farm at about 5 kilometers from the centre of Carrick on Shannon.

Here is Cormac’s parent’s house. Cormac is my boyfriend’s name. His father feeds and sells cows. Cormac has never driven a car, but he drives the farm’s tractor since he was seven years old.

My days here are pretty much the same. I wake up late, at about 11:30. I have a massive breakfast prepared by my boyfriend. It’s normal  here to have eggs, sausages, bacon, beans and bread with tea as the first meal of the day.

After that, it varies. Normally after this meal I don’t have much energy, so I just go to the Internet, look for jobs and plan my future in England, Italy, Dublin or Brazil – I still have to make up my mind. Today my boyfriend and I played basketball. He found a basket ring behind the house and bought a ball yesterday. It was good fun.

After two or three hours after breakfast we have lunch. Yes, we eat again. We have something light, like a soup or sandwich with tea.

As I said before, my boyfriend doesn’t drive cars. He says he does, but because he doesn’t have the driving license, he is not allowed to. So, we go to the gym by bicycle. It’s about 2o minutes away, the road is very flat and easy to cycle.

When we come back we bring Brandy the dog, a Labrador, for a walk. We go close to the river and even if it’s cold and getting dark, Brandy throws himself into the water.

Yesterday evening I baked a chocolate cake and put strawberries on top. This family loves sweet and my cake was delicious. We ate the cake after the dinner cooked by  Cormac’s mother. It was chicken with vegetables and potatoes. It’s always  potatoes with some meat and they don’t use much garlic and onions.

They have two big meals here: breakfast and dinner. In Brazil, lunch is the main meal, when we eat most. Breakfast and dinner are much lighter then our lunch. While in Brazil we use to drink a coke or water with our meal, they drink a glass of pure milk. That was very strange for me in the beginning.

Milk here goes with the tea too. In Ireland we drink black tea with milk at all times: in the breakfast, with the lunch, between lunch and dinner, after the dinner. In Brazil we don’t use to drink black tea. Tea is sometimes drunk after dinner, before going to bed, and it has a flavour of fruit or camomile, mint… and we would never pour milk into it.

After my 4th or 5th tea of the day it’s time to go to bed. We usually download a movie or watch Family Guy before we sleep.

My days here are as predictable as Irish weather. It rains almost every day, even if the sun appears it doens’t change the temperature very much – it’s always cold for me. I am enjoying my “holidays” here and all the experience with this nice irish family, but I am looking forward to moving somewhere else. I have nothing to do here, where Judas lost his boots.

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