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Dear love

I was unfair with you yesterday. I wrote on my last post that you never show up here and when you do, it doesn’t make any difference. I’m sorry, I was feeling abandoned, neglected, forgotten by you.

Today you appeared and made my day. Because of you, I could go fishing on the boat with Cormac my boyfriend, and Brandy the dog. We didn’t get any fish, but the view in the river was beautiful and it was good to make something different. Brandy went swimming two times today. Of course you make difference, I didn’t mean it.

It’s only that since I’ve arrived in Ireland it has been difficult to see you. In Brazil you used to appear almost everyday, even when nobody was expecting you. When I was in Italy for four months I used to see you every single day.

Today you finally came here and everybody was so happy with your presence. Do you know you were head news on TV today? Yes, it’s true. But the woman on the TV also told us that you won’t be showing up again so soon. My boyfriend got really upset, he even shouted “Ah, go away!” to that woman.

Are you sure you can’t come back tomorrow? We were already planning a barbecue to celebrate you. I know it’s October, but you should have come more in the past three months and you didn’t.

Ok, ok, I don’t want to fight with you. When I decided to leave Brazil and come to Ireland I knew I was taking the risk to see you much less. I just didn’t know that I would miss you so much.

You’re right. Come back when you can. I know where to find you, anyway. One day, I promise, I will go back to Brazil and we will never be apart again.

Miss you, Sun. I can’t live without you anymore!

Yours always,

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