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What sort of Italian am I?

Italy and Ireland drew in soccer last Saturday. Now Italy is already qualified for the World Cup while Ireland still needs to beat France, Portugal, Russia or Greece, we don’t know yet.

It was my first Italian match as an Italian Citizen and I watched it in a pub in Ireland, with my irish boyfriend. Which team would I support, some people asked me.

I thought I would be kind of indifferent. As long as Brazil is not involved, I wouldn’t care. But I wasn’t indifferent. I was happy when Ireland scored the second goal in the 85th minute and those drunk Irish guys in the pub were singing Oleoleoleoleoleoleeee. It was then 2×1 to Ireland, five minutes to the Irish team victory. Everybody in that pub was devastated when Italy scored on the 90th minute, including myself.

I was supporting Ireland all the time, without any second thought. Probably because I was amongst irish people and I wanted to see them happy. Also because I lived in Ireland during two years and only four months in Italy.

It makes me feel a little guilty. I am an Italian citizen now, which gives me a lot of new rights and privilege I didn’t have when I was only brazilian. What do I give in exchange? I don’t support the country in the soccer game, I don’t have any clue how to sing the Italian national anthem.

I love Italy and the Italian people I met when I was living there, but I will never be a real Italian. I will never swap feijoada and barbecure for pasta. I am learnig to appreciate Italian music, but my feet go out of my control when I hear samba or forro songs.

Some days ago, an italian guy asked which country is the soccer World Champion in my opinion. I replied “it’s Brazil, of course!”. Brazil is Pentacampeao, he has won 5 times. No other country has won as many World Cups as Brazil. “But Italy was the winner in the last World Cup, therefore Italy is the soccer World’s Champion”, he said. “But Brazil is PENTACAMPEAO”, I replied. “Every brazilian says the same”, he laughed.

The good news is it doesn’t matter who was right, my country is the soccer World Champion anyway.

Here goes the beautiful Italian Nacional Antheem, which I need to learn before the next World Cup:

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