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Fecking interviews

Yesterday I was interviewed by phone for a marketing job in England. The manager of the company had sent me an e-mail two days before asking me to pick the best time for him to call me between Thursday or Friday. I chose Friday at 5 pm. And my phone rang at that day and time sharp.

It was my first interview by phone ever. And it was in English. I was sooo nervous that the guy who interviewed me probably thinks that I’m crazy or maybe only stutter.

I had spent two days researching about the company, making notes about what I think they could improve on their website, finding out who their main competitors are, thinking about all those “what do you think are your strength and weakness” kind of questions he could ask me and figuring out the best answers… But when I was talking to him I could deliver nothing.

It is not that I couldn’t understand him. I had to ask him to repeat what he had said only once. And he also asked me to repeat what I had said only once. But interviews make me panic all the time. They are awkward enough in Portuguese, mind in English!

So, now I am waiting for his feedback but I am not optimistic. I am not optimistic at all.

Here goes a a video to cheer me up. Will Ferrell, the guy been interviewed in this movie, is one of the owners of the website I was being interviwed to work there. Well, Will know how awkward can be an interview too…

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