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Last minutes of peace

People get chocked when I tell them I don’t want to have children. They look at me like I had three heads, two mouths and five arms. They think I am a monster because I don’t like children. I love them! They are lovely when they are playing quietly or sleeping in their mothers arms, far from me.

My boyfriend knows that. That’s why he tried to prepare me for the night. “Paula, I have good news and bad news. Which one do you want to hear first?”. “Bad news first”, I replied. “Hum, what music are you listening?”, he asked, changing the subject. “Tell me the bad news!”, I ordered, preparing myself for the worst. “Ok, the good news is that my brother is coming here with his two children and the bad news is that Ciran is sleeping with us in the room”, he smiled nervously waiting for my reaction.

Ciran is a baby, about 16 months old. Two weeks ago his brother and his wife went to Poland for the weekend and left their children here, with their grandpa and grandma. The other child is Anna, three years old. In the room I am sleeping with my boyfriend there is a cot. So, Ciran slept with us in the room for three long nights. And if I had any doubt left about one day, maybe, have a baby, that doubt is under the sod now.

“You’re kidding, right?”, I was really hoping he was. “No, they are coming tonight”, he confirmed without the smile on his face. He had to get up three times during the night to make Ciran stop crying last time, so I guess he is as “delighted” with his brother visit as I am.

They are arriving in any moment. I will try to relax and enjoy my last minutes of silence and peace.

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