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very home sick

I haven’t written posts to my blog since I left Ireland. First I was too busy looking for a new house in London. I am living in Gants Hill, zone 4, in the North West. Very far from the centre, but I have a lovely room with double bed all for me. My house mates are quite nice and this place is ok for the moment.
After getting a house I started hunting for a job. I handed out CVs in Portobello Market and Oxford Street, but the job I have now I saw in Gumtree website. It’s as waitress in a 4 starts hotel and I have breakfast or dinner shifts. When it’s breakfast shift I have to be there at six in the morning, leaving my house at five.
I also got another job in a luxurious train called Orient Express. There is a very posh restaurant on the train and I serve them food like oysters, lamb, cheese and caviar with champagne and wine. It’s a good job, they pay 90 pounds per day and I get to eat cheese and lamb in my spare time.
Now I have been busy working in two jobs and trying to make some money. It’s incredibly high the cost of life in this city. I spend £140 per month only in trasport and another £320 rent. The minimum wages here is £5.85 per hour, so I have to work my ass off just to pay for transport and accomodation.
I also have been a while without writing posts because my life has been boring and I don’t feel like writing about it now. My routine is wake up at 4:30, work as waitress in the hotel, go back home, Internet, dinner and sleep. No fun at all. Maybe it’s better I stick to my routine, though. Another day out like yesterday could kill me.

Winter is arriving, days are getting very short. I am each day getting more home sick and tired of life here. I think it’s arriving the time to go back home.

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