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About my boyfriend

I could take a plane tomorrow to Brazil. I have my family there and friends that wouldn’t mind putting me up for a while and even help me to get a job. And in Brazil I wouldn’t work as waitress. Noooooooooooooo way. I would be able to find a job in marketing there, sooner or later I know I would.
There is one reason why I don’t get this plane tomorrow. Yes, I like living in Europe, I feel safer here and it’s much easier to be financially independet then it is in Brazil. The main reason, though, is that my boyfriend is here and he can’t go to Brazil with me.
I am not the kind of woman that would live her life for a man. I am independent and the most important thing for me now is to get back on track with my career. I am starting to think that my Italian citizenship won’t be enough for me to get a proper job here and I am waisting my time.
But the thing is I could find a proper job here in London – as difficult as it is, it’s not impossible – but I won’t find another boyfriend like mine anywhere else. He is the best person I have ever met. So kind and generous that I don’t know what is he doing with Ms Selfish here. As he says it’s all me me me with you. And it is. And he still loves me.
My boyfriend could give lessons to men about how to treat a woman. I’ve never caught him looking to another girl while with me. I don’t know how many times I fought with ex-boyfriends for this reason, slapping in the face one of them after he followed with his eyes and head a girl with mini shirt passing by us. I was only 18 and I wouldn’t mind so much anymore. But my actual boyfriend has never done it or, if he has, he’s very discreet.

Yesterday when I was lost in London alone and drunk he was calling me all the time untill he was sure I had arrived home. He was like my guard angel, putting me together and helping me to think how to get to my house. He can be close to me even fisically far.

For these and other reasons my boyfriend definitely worths that I try to stay here for another while. I don’t use to say this often but I love this guy.

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