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hot tip

The hotel where I work is just three minutes walk from the Bank tube station, which explains why most of the evening customers in the hotel’s bar work in finance. Yesterday I was serving a table of men and we started chatting. I told them that I am interested in using Forex to trade money and they advised me to be very careful. It is very easy to lose your money. And the other advise was to buy Euro. Euro and Pounds will be 1 to 1 soon. They were getting drunk and didn’t explain to me why, but that may be a hot tip.

Last saturday a guy I met on the Couch Surfing website came to my house to show me Forex. I tried to cook for him, but he is Italian and I think it’s impossible for Italians to see people from another nationality cooking pasta. So he took over control of my kitchen and I am glad he did. After dinner he showed me Forex and tried to explain how it works. I found it all very complicated, but he said it’s much more complicated then I think. Do you know why 5 percento of people gety very rich tradingee? That’s because 95 percento losee a lotee of moneyyy, he alerted me with his strong italian accent.

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