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Perguntas no Seomoz

março 19, 2010 1 comentário

Dia 26 de fevereiro eu me tornei pro-member no site Seomoz. Isso me da o direito a duas perguntas públicas no Q&A. Uma das delas foi sobre Article Marketing:

Hi Seomoz,

I am doing Article Marketing at the moment and investing my time in Guest Posting and Article Directories. Is Article Marketing completely white hat or could I have problems by using anchor text with my KW on my signature or links to internal pages on articles directories?

I also would like to know how can I check how good an Article Directory is (excluding the elements follow/nofollow and Page Rank). I heard that there are many other elements that make a directory give better link juices than the other. If it’s true, which elements are they?

Dr. Pete

Date Sent: 19 seconds ago

Article marketing is one of those areas where I think whether it’s white-, gray-, or black-hat really depends a lot on how you approach it. If you write quality, unique articles or guest posts for high-authority sites relevant to your own site, that’s completely white-hat and can be extremely effective. Of course, it also takes quite a bit of work.

If, on the other hand, you slap together a 500-word article and post it on 100 sites, many of which are questionably relevant or low-authority, now you’re getting a lot grayer (not saying that you’re doing this, just illustrating the point). There are a few problems: (1) that content will tend to be seen as duplicate and get filtered out, (2) those low-quality links may get devalued or even penalized, if taken to extreme, and (3) the anchor text is likely to be heavily duplicated, which could also devalue those links.

For any given source you’re looking to link from, I think there are a handful of things to consider beyond nofollow and PR:

(1) Relevance – Is the site/directory all on the same topic as your site, or is it a mish-mash of everything?

(2) Quality – Does the site require a review process or human editing, or can just anyone slap up an article?

(3) Quantity – Will you be one of a handful of articles posted every week/month, or one of hundreds or thousands? Similarly, are there 5 links on each page or hundreds. Every link or additional piece of content is diluting your content/link.

(4) Payment – Are you paying to submit an article? There’s a fine line between a directory submission fee and a paid link, and Google can look kindly on pay-per-play.

A minha outra pergunta foi se eles têm um convite extra para eu poder ir ao SMX London. O Scott respondeu que o Seomoz não vai fazer palestra nesse evento, entao não tem acesso a convites gratuitos. Em contrapartida, como pro-member Seomoz eu tenho direito a 15% de desconto.

A conversa abaixo:

Hi Seomoz,

I would like to ask if any of the Mozzers, by any chance, have a spare ticket to SMX London. I am dying to go, but it’s too much for my pocket 🙂

Sorry if that’s not the right/ best place to ask it.



Great scott
Date Sent: 7 hours, 3 minutes ago

Hi Paula,

Alas, we only get free tickets if we’re speaking. That said, PRO Members do get a discount on SMX Events. Just use the code SEOmoz@SMX when registering and you’ll save 10-15% depending on the event.


Conclusões: Posso continuar trabalhando em Article Marketing da mesma forma que tenho feito durante esses dias 🙂 e não, não irei participar do SMX London 😦

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